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Knowing and walking in the seasons of God is very important for the manifestation of our destiny. We must therefore understand that God has ordained every season we enter into to make this a reality. In this book, “Understanding the Seasons of God’” Dr. Joyce Louther gives us principles that will enable us to first of all, know what season we’re in, secondly, the purpose for it, and also the potential for growth. This book will empower you to navigate through your God ordained seasons and experience the faithfulness of God. You will receive new insight that will encourage you to enter your season with great expectation, excitement, and courage. This book is a must read for everyone who desires to walk in the center of God’s will for their lives.

Pastor Dr. Vickie Tetsola
Ecclesia Church International
Bronx, NY


That book is awesome. It just gave me so many nuggets of seasons and when to move. I’ve seen a whole lot of things that hit home with me, especially during the dry season. I enjoyed reading it; I can’t wait till other people read it, because they will get something from it.
Louise Louther
Church of the Revelation
Bronx, NY


Dr. Joyce Louther’s insightful and deeply practical book “Understanding the Seasons of God” is a must-read for serious believers who find themselves in the midst of a season of spiritual transition.
Minister Sheila Chang
Ecclesia Church International
Bronx, NY


The book was a blessing, I enjoyed reading it.

Prophetess Eloise Hinton
Everlasting Love Christian Fellowship Church
Meridianville, Al


I like the manner in which you brought your nursing knowledge into your content. You are teaching on two levels, the intellect and the heart.
Providence Budet, RN
Valley Cottage, NY


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