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I was born in Hertford NC. When I was 6 months old my parents moved to Brooklyn NY, when I was 4 years old my family which now included a sister and brother, moved to the Bronx.
I basically grew up in the church. My father attended occasionally, however, my mother was very active in the church and made sure that my sister brother and I attended every Sunday. But I did not have a personal relationship with Jesus.


In 1964 I graduated from High School. In 1965 I completed a Licensed Practical Nurse program and so began my nursing career. I continued my education and in 1975 I completed my Registered Nurse training with an Associate Degree in Applied Science; in 1992 a Bachelor Degree in Community Health; in 1998 a Masters Degree in Public Health; and in 2003 a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Health Administration. Throughout my professional career I worked in various in hospitals moving up the career ladder with the completion of each degree.


In 1967 my daughter was born. When she was 14 years old she gave her life to the Lord. Although we attended church occasionally, she began to attend constantly. She and her friends would often have youth fellowship at my house. I found out later they were praying for me at the same time. In 1985 I accepted Jesus.


In 2016, I graduated from Jerusalem School of Ministry with an Associate's Degree in Theology. I was also ordained Minister of the Gospel at Agape Love Christian Center.


When I look back over my Christian walk, I realize there were times when I did not always act or react properly in certain situations. Also there were times I ran with enthusiasm and other times I dragged my feet in discouragement. I felt this happened because most of the times when I heard about seasons, it was usually referred to as coming into something positive like prosperity or that things would be better, or things would change. When I did not experience what was talked about, I thought there was something wrong with me, or that somehow I had missed God. Because of a lack of knowledge and not understanding the season I was in, there were times when I would even be angry with God. Fortunately God is faithful, loving, patient and forgiving. He never leaves us nor forsakes us and He restores us every time we repent and turn back to him.


Working on my books over the last several years has caused me to be able to look forward to life, determining what seasons I am experiencing and what I need to do. There is a sense of peace in knowing that I am right where God wants me to be. 

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